Cooking Ground Beef Patties
  • Turn ground beef patties over at least once.
  • To keep in juices do not press with a spatula.
  • Determine the cooking time and temperatures for your type of equipment and type of ground beef products.
The time required to reach the optimum degree of doneness varies with the type and temperature of the cooking equipment used; the size, shape, and thickness of the patties (fresh or frozen); and the quantity of the patties cooking at one time. All the cooking equipment should be tested and calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that it is producing the desired cooking temperature.
  • To ensure safety, FDA/USDA recommends cooking ground beef to an internal temperature of 160°F until the middle is no longer pink. Check with your local health department for recommended procedures. A clean and sanitized thermometer with a sensor tip should be used to test the end temperature of the product.
Cooking Bulk Ground Beef
  • Crumbled ground meats should be cooked until no pink color remains.
  • Due to the nitrate content from onions, celery, peppers, etc., meat loaf often remains pink in the center even if 160°F end temperature is reached. Therefore, be sure to verify the final internal temperature with a sanitized thermometer.
  • Do not let cooked ground beef products stand at room temperature. After cooking , keep them hot and at 140°F or higher while serving, or refrigerate immediately.
  • Refrigerate cooked ground beef products as quickly as possible after cooking. Use shallow counter pans no deeper than 2 inches for more rapid cooling.
  • To reheat precooked ground beef products, cover and heat 165°F or until hot and steaming throughout.
This information has been reprinted with the permission of
the Beef Industry Council and the Beef Board.


Type of Product

Storage Temperature

Storage Time*

Fresh Ground Beef
Below 40°F and as close to 28°F
as possible

1-3 days

Fresh Vacuum Packaged (unopened) Ground Beef
Below 40°F and as close to 28°F
as possible

4-6 days

Frozen Ground Beef

0°F or below

up to 90 days
Refrigerated Cooked
Ground Beef
Below 40°F

2-3 days

Frozen Cooked Ground Beef

0°F or below

up to 90 days
*From date of production – check with suppliers

Ground Beef Products should be properly wrapped with packaging material
that is moisture and vapor proof.