Our committment to excellence is our customer's assurance of uncompromising value, quality and service. As the premiere center-of-the-plate protein supplier in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, D.C., we continually strive to meet our customer's expectations.

Quality-concious buyers for restaurants, hotels, country clubs and institutions trust Wells to provide consistent value-added products equal to their culinary standards.

Chef's rely on our journeymen butchers to cut and vacuum package, beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood to their exact specifications. Visitors to our federally-inspected plant enjoy a state-of-the-art facility.

Our goals are reflections of the elite customer base we are honored to serve.

George L. Wells Meat Company is your partner in a continuing tradition of foodservice excellence.

Our Speciality

The "WELLS GOLD" Dry-Aging Program is a strict selection process combined with a well-monitored aging program. Our quality control manager and production-supervisor oversee every step of this program. They hand select the highest quality subprimals to be dry-aged for a period of 14-21 days. They choose only the cuts grading Prime and Choice with the most favorable color, texture confirmation and marbling.

Include "WELLS GOLD" in your menu. We guarantee your customers will taste the difference.

A Brief History

In 1908 a Philadelphian named George Wells started the Geogre L. Wells Company at 402 North 2nd St. It was an era when deliveries were made by horse-drawn carriages through narrow cobblestone streets.

Wells clients consisted of large institutions, hospitals, schools and nursing homes like the Philadelphia Protestant Home and the Baptist Institute. At the time there were very few upscale restaurants in the city. It was run as a small business by three very enterprising men, George Wells, Joe Lagerman and Alan Moyer. Mr. Wells died suddenly in 1936 while on a world cruise. Lagerman and Moyer ran the business until 1949 when their sons took over. In 1965 they sold the company to an entrepreneur named Ed Orr and in 1970 an employee, Jim Conboy, purchased the firm. Mr. Conboy remains the current owner today and is responsible for Wells continued success.

From a small meat company on North 2nd St. to one of Philadelphia's premier wholesale food purveyors, George L. Wells Meat Company stands head and shoulders above the rest. For 92 years we have serviced their customers with the finest beef, poultry and seafood available anywhere.

In the 1980's and early 90's there was a decline in beef sales and many meat suppliers went out of business. Fortunately because of Wells diverse product line and keen foresight The Wells company now thrives in these very rosy times. We feel very good about the future of the hospitatity industry. Business has never been better and every indication is that our business and the hospitality industry will continue to flourish and grow.